This post is a sort of reply to Jim Hazen’s post on the world is indeed flat. I happen to coincide with most of what he says, but wanted to give my point of view

Twice I’ve been to Raleigh this year. Twice I was overly well treated by my hosts. First time I got to hang around Chris Diamondidis and Mike Mann. I was taken to places (mainly to get some driks…) and shown around town. The second time I spent most of my time with Jim, both at work and at his place (once we got MTS to work!!) and at some other places like the Carolina Brewing Company.

Many times I’ve been told americans are not as friendly, but in my experience this is a myth, at least in North Caolina. Southern hospitality rules!

Getting a tad more serious and philosophic I must agree with the world is flat. Comunications allow us to keep in touch and updated in just nanoseconds. Whatever happens on the most distant spot on earth we can know as it is happening. The good thing about the internet is that, for example, if I wanted to see a show airing in China, Japan, India or whatever distant place I can find a way to see it even if my cable company does not air it. I’m pretty sure you can get whatever you want with a computer and a decent internet connection.

The flatterning of the world gets sociological as well. Although I don’t subscribe at all with neo-marxist ideas Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt’s Empire states something which I believe is quite true. They state that the 3rd and 1st world will co-exist in every country. In Argentina this is true.

A big portion of the population is highly educated, has a reasonable income (for argentina, where 1 dollar equals 1 peso) and have access to Cable, Internet, good food, education and other “fundamentals of modern life”.

On the other side there’s a huge ammount of people living in poverty and ignorance.  Most of them are very computer illiterate, and are either unemployed or recieve minimum wages for the work they perform. This leads to insecurity, crime, child abuse, families far too numerous and an utterly unbalanced social panorama.

The only way out of it (in my mind, at least) is education. No matter if you are born rich or poor, silver spoon or “villa emergencia” (which are poor people’s settlements), if you can get a grasp of knowledge you will have the chance to revert whatever disatvantages come form your raising, enviroment or social conditions.

The socialist point of view only makes people lazy. If you earn as much (or as little) working or staying at home, performing an excellent job or breaking everything you touch, there’s little point in trying to do better.

As usual if I were to write everyting that comes to mind I’d stay typing forever. So I give a very short and badly articulated post.

As a sort of conclution I might say that comming in touch with different cultures enlightens you. And Americans will do fine because they are stubborn and decided, hard working  and good to think outside the box when they need to.