This month the PC turns 25. How much has the world changed? A lot. Think about it for a second, and picture your day (not even your life) without a computer. For starters you wouldn’t be reading this (or I wouldn’t be writting it), most of our jobs would not exist, and many things we know we wouldn’t of aquired.

Computers (in general) are arguably the biggest break thru in technology since the wheel. They allow us to prove things we wouldn’t be able to otherwise (chaos theory comes to mind, as an example), it makes our lives easier (remember “the worst thing that can happen is a machine doing a man’s job with the exeption of a man doing a machine’s job“), it comunicates us and it entertains us (it doesen’t entertain you? let me remind you your TV has a Chip, bowling alleys are computer controled and the car you drive to your nice Beach Vacation would’t go a mile without it’s computers).

Besides they are a great tool for democracy. A Computer connected to the internet is a learning tool, you have the same access if you are connected uptown or in a ghetto. You might even call computers Communists!! Its all up to you; if you want to spend your time in a 3D shooter or at wikipedia. PCs give you options, most of them free.

Its no secret that chips will keep getting smaller and faster. Communications can only improve, “evolution” will carry on; we’ve witnessed it for the past 25 years and it will only keep happening.

As part of the company that still employs many of the minds that came up with the PC you have a sense of pride. We’ve done great things in the past. So what about the future.

Being “migrated” to Lenovo felt like a whiff of fresh air, and I think this sensation is shared by most of my fellow Lenovians (lenovits? lennovers?) around the globe. We have this sensation that only great things are bound to happen. We have a lot of great minds in different and key possitions, it can only go well.  What will this great things be? I don’t have a clue, but then again I’m not that smart! Just make sure you keep looking in our direction, because 25 years after the first IBM-PC, we might start the next revolution.

(Disclosure: SIMON can be considered the first personal computer but we’re talking about something else!!)