WARNING! this is a rant! don’t keep readin if you like the software!

Okey, so yesterday I got my daily “run out of space” message. “Your ability to send mail has been blocked” blah, blah… Of curse I had to send quite a few notes before I left the office (7pm) so I decided I had to free some space and start sending them… Nice thought. Never happened. I moved around 150+ mails to my local archive, deleted the trash… nothing, still exeeded my quota. Whatever… I’ll deal with it tomorrow.

Today is tomorrow… and I emptied everything! I mean not a single note was left on my folders (inbox, trash, sent, all of them!)… still no mail going out… I was a couple of MB over the quota…

I scratch my head, gaze the screen in puzzlment and think my alternatives. Throwing the ThinkPad through the window looks tempting… and if it makes it safe and sound the whole 7 story fall I might even end up in ThinkPad Legends… But if it doesen’t I’ll have to do a whole lot of explaining. Uninstalling notes? uh! the temptation! but not quite practical. I guess I’ll have to deal with it.

Finally I see it… a “show all documents” folder. What on earth? ALL documents are there although they are not anyplace else… Select all > delete… Shazam… 20 minutes after a stalled notes and a replication after… I have my notes back!

In my mind it made no sense at all, but at least it worked…

Now don’t get me started about publishing stuff through notes on a server!! You don’t want me going down that road!