The online world is in a revolution. Well, that is permanent, but now it’s serious. Really serious.

We must agree geeks aren’t that good at naming stuff, so adding a “version” to what we already know is there is the way to go now. And we’re into the 2.x era. AJAX-style web developing is the “primma donna” right now. If you make up a page with old fashioned tables (which I hate) you look so outdated and so functionality flawed that it’s almost a shame to publish it. You NEED to have all the smoke and mirrors, drag-and-drops, flying divs, colour switches and re-sizable windows even if they are of no use. With the increase in load times a “loading” or “processing request” message is a must.

Then you have Identity 2.0, a concept that puzzles Freudian Psicologists around the globe, since they could blame all of identity 1.0 problems to sex and parents. The concept behind this idea is that you can carry your identity all through the web. A nice idea, but somewhat freaky. I wonder how many people will have fake IDs 2.0; I know I will if the concept ever becomes popular. Man I have 3 different hotmail accounts to use under different circumstances. I’d rather have an official Identity for some stuff and other ones for more “obscure” matters, or just to remain anonymous (being anonymous is one of the greatest advantages of the web, although the idea of centralizing logins and sharing stuff through blogs, ebay, mac and so on sounds appealing).

Then there’s internet 2 or  www 2.0… (or should it be wwwwww?) a nice deviation of www only available at some educational institutions.  This nice thing allegedly has a bandwidth of 10 gigabit/second. So you’ll get your porn a lot faster. That is … you’ll get your porn once the lab rats are through playing with it (not the porn, the internet 2).

With all this going on I wonder how does anyone keep up… or how do companies keep up. As far as I’m concerned I’m not too much of a fan of sequels… so I’ll hibernate all the way to when everyone releases version 3 of this bizarre world.