So, next week’s Friday I’m getting married. By this time I was sort of expecting to be freaking out, screaming around in a nervous break down. Nothing could be further away from truth.

I must admit that about a month ago I had some sort of “panic attack” (not really) and had some doubts about it all. After all I have been living with my *to become* Wife for almost two years, so: what’s the point or difference about getting married?

Well, there is. And I mean besides the “legal” implications of it (no pre-marital arrangements here, thank you very much), which I don’t care about anyways. There’s a psychological change, a sort of increased responsibility that comes with marriage which I wondered if I was willing to take. Truth is I am.

I’m well aware that the road might become bumpy. It has been already in the past. It won’t be no fairy-tale, but everything’s easier when you can divide the burden amongst two.