The odd thing about Argentina is that you get to get married twice. It has to be with the same person, but it’s twice anyway. How come? Well 1 marriage is for “the law” the other is “for god”. In other words, you have to get married both by a judge and by a priest, and they can’t go together.

By law you get to go to what we call “Civil Registry” which is a badly maintained governmental location, where some judge gets to marry you. It’s quite informal and usually only those intimate to the couple go (closest friends and family). This is Friday 13th for us.

With a serious Catholic preponderance the Church marriage is the most awaited and important. Besides the whole thing is much more impressive. You get to stand in a church, the doors open, the bride comes to you while people stare and “ohs” and “ahs” sound around her. The party comes after this. Everyone’s invited here since it’s quite more theatrical as well. This is Saturday 14th for us.

Yesterday we planned the “timing” for everything for this Saturday. It is like a ballet with entrances and exits, I hope I barely notice it; it’ll probably fly past me and I’ll notice everything after it’s over.

Still much to do. Some beverages issues to be solved and other similar stuff. That besides planning my backups for my vacation next week.

I’ll probably go off-line from today till Saturday or Monday and next week I’ll try to keep away from my PC, or I’ll really piss off my wife 😉 (although I know I’ll check how things are going every now and then).