November 2006

This has all been great… but I’m afraid I’m moving my blog to:

I hope to see you all over there, I will be upgrading and updating that place as time passes by…


My brain is still trying to process it. I’ve read around 20 articles on the subject, with different opinions and still can’t make my own.
The webcast portraying the event is available at novell’s website.

The thing is this: through god-knows-what legal resources MS and SUsE staff had made open source and proprietary patents somehow compatible. Of course this will go under serious scrutiny over the next months and some issues might rise, but the unthinkable has happened.

If Microsoft weren’t Microsoft I’d gladly say a huge step towards common sense has been made. That the OS and computer industries will benefit largely form this, that it was a bold and intelligent move. But Microsoft has it’s large personal record in taking advantage of such deals, whilst their counterparts loose enormously. The Apple Computer Inc. vs. Microsoft Corp. case comes to mind immediately.

Please list me on the sceptics list for this one.

To further support my scepticism while researching for this entry I came across an interesting entry on MS’s web, dated November 3rd, with a very subtle title: Migrate from Novell.

We have only seen the tip of the iceberg here, but something already smells fishy…

PS: Ubuntu is starting to look very interesting as a replacement for my SUsE 9.3…

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Today… or during the course of this week I’ll embrace a task only matched by those of Sir Francis Drake, Columbus or Magellan.

Well I’m exaggerating, but it sure does sound good.

Surfing through the ever-increasing ranks of feeds I came across this article at; which, lead me to this site. The idea is simple install an abridged version of Linux on an iPod.

Before you jump into it with your cool, fancy and new iPod, let me warn you this runs only on  the first 3 generations of iPod. I’m cool with that since I have owned one of those since 2002 (go ahead, make the math: it’s a first generation…)

The only thing that kind of makes me doubtful is that I’m reluctant to make backups of… well pretty much anything, and I’m not too much into ripping all the CDs I’ve tossed into the small gadget over the past 4 years yet again.

Shall I be brave and daring? I’ll let you know the outcome of such adventure later this week.

Le monde a very well known and global French newspaper is moving it’s blog engine to WordPress. You can already read about this in tons of places:

So I wont extend too much on the huge success this suposes to WordPress and open source.

What I find most interesting is the current newspapers’ tendency  to open up and become more “interactive”. What’s actually surprising is how long it took them to do so.

Mass media has a pretty interesting vice, they love the sound of their own voice; but are not too fond about listening to others. Something quite ironic if you ask me, since they are supposed to be the “reflection of reality”.

I wonder how long it will take until we start hearing about censorship of some kind.