Today… or during the course of this week I’ll embrace a task only matched by those of Sir Francis Drake, Columbus or Magellan.

Well I’m exaggerating, but it sure does sound good.

Surfing through the ever-increasing ranks of feeds I came across this article at; which, lead me to this site. The idea is simple install an abridged version of Linux on an iPod.

Before you jump into it with your cool, fancy and new iPod, let me warn you this runs only on  the first 3 generations of iPod. I’m cool with that since I have owned one of those since 2002 (go ahead, make the math: it’s a first generation…)

The only thing that kind of makes me doubtful is that I’m reluctant to make backups of… well pretty much anything, and I’m not too much into ripping all the CDs I’ve tossed into the small gadget over the past 4 years yet again.

Shall I be brave and daring? I’ll let you know the outcome of such adventure later this week.