Little is known about a small car company in Bavaria, sold to BMW in 1966. This company was run by my grandfather’s cousin.

In post-war germany, inspired by the success of the Vespa in italy Glas decided to go ahead ang give it a try with the Goggo

Goggo Scooter

The thing wasn’t as pretty as it’s italian counterpart but it was rock solid (the term rings a bell…)

As economy became a little healthier and as people started to dislike getting wet and muddy on their way to work the time came to put a lid on that. Thus the goggo-mobile:

goggo Mobile

Then it was time to move to somewhat major leagues, with higher CC and HP engines ending up with a powerful 3 litre V8 known as the “glaserati”:


The investment needed to run such a challenge was too much for the rather small Glas company, and thus it was bought by BMW, who, against all predictions continued building the cars for quite some more years (the picture above is a BMW (Glas) 3000 V8, you can see the disctinctive “g” just bellow the “3000” at the side of the car).

I couln’t find a better way to introduce the Cars topic a greatpassion of mine and my family.