It finally happened. My family would say “against all odds”. See although I’ve spent the past 5 years dating Luciana, and almost 2 living with her, most people never regarded me as the “marrying type”. I guess I didn’t much regard myself as that before I met her. Ever since we’re together I knew it would eventually happen; but money was a sort of “excuse” we used not to do it. With some help from our families (mainly Luciana’s uncle) and a big debt we went along. Now we’re over with it and we both can’t believe how fast it passed.

As I posted here, you get to marry twice in Argentina, so Friday was the “legal” day. Mainly Family and closest friends. Lesson learnt: the logistics of getting married 260 km from the Capital are not that easy. To start with we spent the month previous to the wedding booking hotels and stuff for a lot of people. Then on Friday morning two of my brothers were driving from Buenos Aires (Bernie, who arrived from the US on Thursday and Alex who had spent his week traveling to Belice, Bariloche and Chile). The fact that there was a huge storm didn’t help much, neither did my nephew who felt sick so they had stop to car to clean up. So we had to go to the Judge and ask him to wait for a little while until everyone arrived. He did and we are grateful for it (although I’m not so sure the couple who was getting married after us appreciated this as much as me and my family did!).

The ceremony was quite nice, we were all almost joking at the time with things like “sit the groom over there so he can’t escape” or Luciana’s uncle saying “and all of this for them to last only a couple of months”. Short, funny and humorous.

After that we went to a restaurant we had booked for the occasion and had some lunch. In retrospective it was the only quality time I had to spend with mi family who travled from all around. I guess you can’t do it all.

Then we all helped Christian (3rd Brother) to do the souvenirs we would give people the next day (little tomato Jam jars); had some pizza for dinner and headed for the hotel with Luciana (before that day we were staying at my in-laws’).

The storm that unfolded that same night was of epic proportions. Wind felt like a hurricane and it rained as if Noah should have to undust his old boat once again. Besides that we had a good night’s rest, until Luciana woke up and remembered we hadn’t done the table’s list (you know where everyone would sit). So we went to fetch the ThinkPad and did this, then took Lu to the hairdressers (all this happened by 7:30). Some time during the morning and almost miraculously, south wind started blowing and blew away the clouds.

After I got the darn list thing printed I had to take it to the ball room (which had to be after 9am, places don’t open that early). So I did. All that was left for me to do was to take a shower and get into my suit. Which I did while on the cell phone giving instructions to different people on how to get to the hotels, church and so on.

By then it was time for me to go to the church, so I arrived early, too early. Not knowing exactly what one’s supposed to do until you get married I went to talk to the priest for a while. Bad news: the guy who was supposed to play the Organ was nowhere to be seen (or reached). The clock was ticking, people were entering the church… And the bride was about to arrive. Since I couldn’t see her I told my brother in law to go and tell her to go on a 10 minute car ride to delay her arrival.

Finally the Organist appeared, everyone was sitting, I was standing up front with my mom, and an Organ chord gave the signal for the doors to open. I had wished to see the bride entering, but the Photographer and Cameraman had a different idea, and stood in front of her, so I only got to see her once she passed half the way to me. Breathtaking. I can’t say much more about it. She was stunningly beautiful.

She walked to me, we hold hands, and then she was everything in the world to me. I don’t think I can remember a single thing the priest said (the fact that he didn’t speak very clearly didn’t help much). Then, almost before I noticed it was over. We were married.

Against what most people do in Argentina we married and partied in daytime. Luciana and I arrived around 1PM to the party and most people had been there for over 45 minutes. The thing was a blast. Too much to eat for everyone and too much to drink as well. Good music (from a party point of view) and people willing to dance and have fun. It was 10 hours long and it only ended because they had to clean up the place for a party next day.

We left for our hotel had a long bath and ate something (both Lu and I didn’t eat or drink much during the party). We could finally rest… for 6 hours.

Now its all over, and not even a week has passed. Married life has been very good for us so far.


So, married for a cpuple of days already… Everything looks great so far, and here are some pictures:

Marriage @ Flicr

I’ll write about the party and everything in a couple of days!