So, I’m working all this week from Junin, some 260 KM away from the noice of Buenos Aires. It is good for a change. It’s quite impressive the very different rythm and pace this place has; it only took me about two hours to sort of unplug and relax quite more. I can still get my work done, but I’m more layed back.

What is it? Is it the distance from office? Thel lack of Noices? The traffic? The people actually not yelling and punching at their car horns like crazy? It’s all of the above and more. When you walk into a store at Buenos Aires you’re allways in a hurry and so are all other customers, if you don’t get an employee’s attention in a couple of seconds you start to get frustrated. Here you walk in, relaxedly chat with other people, wait whatever you have to wait… and this is just one of many examples I can think of.

I come myself from a town called Bariloche, a place located in the patagonian Andes. I was there untill I was 17. but returned for vacations every once in a while. It was quite layed back, but not as much since in the last years before I left a lot of people from the city moved there but forgot to left their attitudes behind.

What I still miss the most is Mountain-Biking. During my last high school years I became obsessed with it and started Racing. Two serious accidents (and their injuries) forced me to stay out of the tracks for 6 months and I could never quite recover. After that I moved to Buenos Aires, where there’s nothing that even resembles a hill, so no way to do anything in that sense.

In the past couple of years I’ve increasedly felt the lack of phisical activity. And there’s no sport I’m too fond of which I can perform in Buenos Aires (no Mountain Biking, Motocross, SnowBoard, Kite surfing or the like) and I’m not too good or too much of a fan of urban sports like tennis or even jogging.

All of this sets me thinking about what it is I want and “completes” my life. I really like my job, I like what I do and I like the prospects I have, but I couldn’t be doing it from anywhere else (at least in Argentina). On the other hand I feel a need to do some sport and get some adrenalin rushes, which I can’t quite get on the city.

Fresh air or job oportunities? Sports and adventure or smog  and pollution? Trying to survive on a small town (and probably get bored jobwise) or be challenged intelectually and pushed to the limits?

Such a dicotomy… I’ll try to get both 😉