Oh… Those were the days…

I was a young music Student shriving for new things. I subscribed to Chris Pirillo’s Lockergnome and waited eagerly each new newsletter. I shrived on new (and free!!) software to put my hands on. Then one good day Chris reviewed Terragen, a landscape rendering software by Planetside, which had a full working of the software for free (only restriction was render image size). As soon as I downloaded it (in a 56KB modem, by the way, thank you very much) and had it installed I was hooked. in 3 clicks I had a “beautiful” landscape. Of course there was nothing beautiful about it, no colouring, no intresting camera position or anything at all, but I was amazed.

I got involved with the community and the developers, helped translating the user guide to spanish, started moderating the official user list on Yahoo! (with over 7000 users), made tutorials and met people around the world.

Now TG is heading towards it’s version number 2 and things look exiting. It wasn’t always like that. At one point in time it looked likeĀ  we were going to be left without Software, but that’s the story for another blog post.

For now I’ll invite you to download the free (for non-commercial use) version of terragen. And share your experience with me.

Some time I’ll share some of my creations with TG.